Updates of 2nd March

Fruitful weekend for our conservation activities and the knowledge of our eagles.
The first protection camp has already started and all the eagles are brooding! In the other camps the camp-masters continue monitoring while volunteers are awaiting the official start.

In relation to the four eagles that we are following:

The pair that was giving us some concern, that from today we will call pair A, was observed mating on a rock above the nest. The female is very young, still with red plumage. Both then returned to the nest, they set up a few branches and then flew off. Probably, the female has not yet laid.

The pair B continues to brood, disturbed by a pair of peregrine falcons who perform furious attacks each time the eagles leave or come back to the nest. During one of these attacks the female had to perch on a rock to dodge the attack and then quickly get into the nest when the peregrine flew away having missed the attack!

The pair C continues to brood on the nest placed on a pinnacle of rock, without repair. We hope that the worst, in terms of weather, has past; We had two weeks of hell. Even the accessibility to the site for the control has become difficult. Landslides, collapse of river-crossings make it more difficult to get close to the nest but come to it, if it is difficult for us then it is difficult for poachers too. Meanwhile the male continues to bring to the nest fresh sprigs of eucalyptus to embellish and improve it!

No news yet from the pair D, which has disappeared from the mountain face where it had nested last year and had brought up a chick to its first flight. We will look for them in the nearby area hoping to find them. The concern is that some hunter could have “accidentally” shot down one of them. With the improvement of weather conditions, we will intensify scouting.

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