Updates of 9th March

More rain and bad weather during this week! Roads often obstructed. Will there be money to fix them?
However we were on the sites, at least in those reachable.

The pair A has not yet decided. The nest continues to be reinforced, embellished but still they do not lay. Clearly we will continue to follow them. Some evenings ago we were up till dusk, but the Eagles did not enter in the nest.

The pair B continues to brood. The male flies high over the rock, both to avoid the peregrines that the buzzards. Even the buzzard dared to chase the male about 500 m away from the rock of the nest! The peregrines, calmer, were on the lookout perched on the rocks. The male peregrine after flying away brought back a sparrow to the female.

The pair C are brooding serenely. The female controls the valley turning her head all the time while the male is out and about.

Of the pair D we have no news because the bad weather did not allow us to dedicate it time.

News from the camp 4: different observations of a single adult individual overflying the nesting area in recent days made us understand that the other half of the pair is already brooding, and actually taking advantage of one of the rare sunny days that we had lately, we were able to locate the nest (again compared to last year) occupied by an adult brooding.

A curiosity: during the second survey, already at dusk we had not spotted eagles (nothing to worry about, we know how elusive they are), finally when the sun had disappeared behind the mountains, we saw a unique silhouette right on the peak of the rock. Given the time it was unlikely that there would be any further change in the state of things but … suddenly the eagle lifted off and – in the faint twilight – threw

itself on the opposite side of the rock where hundreds of pigeons were roosting for the night. Within seconds it unleashed a melee, the eagle glided grazing the rock face and a multitude of pigeons escaped in all directions. The attack, which appeared to be more of a demonstration, however, went unfruitful and in the dark the eagle disappeared among the rocks.

In the course of nearby sites monitoring we found that at least three other pairs had already laid and were brooding, while the presence of other 3 pairs is confirmed in different sites.