Updates of 16th March

Rain keeps falling, and the days without are as yet an exception.

The pair A was seen in the mountain face. The nest is increasingly dripped. The female of a beautiful red brick does not seem a Bonelli’s eagle compared to the male who instead has a white chest dripped dark. At the moment, though, they are not nesting; we will continue to monitor them. Last year, a pair with almost the same age difference had reproduced, even though much later in the season.

The pair B continues to brood. When the female enters the nest she is completely invisible since the edge of rock totally covers the view.

Even the pair C seems quiet. Two years ago the wind had destroyed the nest and the eggs went lost. This year, despite the bad weather the nest resists.

Great news from the pair D: research has been successful! Observed the male in flight at a distance from last year’s nest. Now we have to find the nest, but the pair is there.
Yesterday camp1 and camp 2 officially started, although in fact they had started a few days ago.

The news that we were expecting arrived. The first two eaglets of 2015 hatched out!

Yesterday, in fact, during the monitoring of the nests the first two eaglets were observed. The adult fed them with great gentleness, holding out titbits of flesh torn from a prey. In the afternoon, in camp 2 a suspicious car with two young men who had ropes and equipment for climbing was noticed. We reported the license plate for the necessary controls. In other nests animals are still brooding. Unfortunately at the moment there is a heavy downpour in the area, and our boys are soaked just as much as the eagles!

In another site, in camp1, the eagle has been repeatedly disturbed by helicopters, ambulances, off-road vehicles, because of an incident that occured in the area. The animal often left the nest, leaving the eggs uncovered in the last period of the broody. We hope that the embryos have not been damaged. We’ll see what happens in the coming days. The camp season has begun.

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