Update March 23

The pair A is still undecided. Some gliding grazing the rock, a few visits to the nest with branches to reinforce it, but nothing more.

The pair B continues brooding. The usual peregrines that have not yet laid continue to monitor the face of the rock, they go back and forth irritated by the presence of eagles. Before long they will lay as well.

The pair C laid much later so the hatching moment is postponed. We expect the eggs to hatch at the end of March.

The pair D, whose male we had seen last week disappeared once more. We have controlled without success all the territory and valleys nearby but the pair is nowhere to be seen. The Bonelli’s eagle is very much of an elusive animal and not at all easy to follow.

In camp 1 we had the first birth! We do not know how many chicks there are as the nest is not fully visible but the attitude of the adult feeding its young is evident.

Camp 2 the birth of the first two chicks in one nest was followed by a new birth in another nest: a small white chick raises its head to take food from the female! Meanwhile the pair that has suffered most because of the heavy rain of the past weeks, continues to brood. The hatching was scheduled for the past week so it seems a little late. We’ll see if the bad weather has affected the hatching in anyway. The male patrols the area which is located along a bird migration route so it is very busy keeping at a distance hawks and other harriers northbound which unfortunately happen to pass near the nest.

Camp 3 has yet to officially start although it is monitored daily. The female is brooding.

Camp 4; in all the sites monitored females seem still to be brooding. In one site the male has been observed carrying the prey, stopping on a rock and after a few moments the female reaches the male at the “dinner table”. Not much later the female performs a short but breathtaking flight before going back into the nest to continue its brooding duty!, Unfortunately another site, which in recent years had suffered several substitutions – a clear sign of some negative situation which occurred in the territory of the pair – seems to be absent. In the coming days we will try to explore some nearby areas with the hope that the breeding site has just been moved to some new place.

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