Update 30th March

Many hatches and many chicks growing now! Some pairs did not reproduce while others abandoned the hatching because of bad weather.

Of pair A of we have no news, we returned several times to the site without having had the good fortune to observe them. Probably the female is too young to breed.
On the other hand, we made friends with the owner of the land who wants to sell it to us because we seem to be so interested in the place and we seem such worthy people!

Even the pair B has disappeared. They had started preparing the nest where they squatted, but finally did not lay eggs. The peregrines are now reassured, the frenzy behaviour they had when the eagles were there, has ceased. We will still make other visits to the site. What a shame!, the pair was made up by two adult eagles.

The pair C is still brooding as it started late. This site is now Camp 3. As a curiosity, this morning a griffon vulture remained spinning in the area for about an hour. At first the ravens tried to chase it off, then even the male eagle joined them: a sight to see the fights in flight of these animals so solemn and majestic that suddenly become agile and fast.

The pair D is definitely gone. Only the male had been seen. We recall that this pair last year was made up by a female of the 3rd-4th calendar year (ie two or three years of age) and an immature male, yet they had layed successfully and a young eaglet had finally flown off. Even this site will be sporadically checked in spite of the fact that unfortunately even this nesting seems to have failed.

In camp 1 all goes well, the eaglets are growing.

In camp 2 a nesting failed due to bad weather, the camp continues with the supervision of other active nests.

In camp 4 volunteers monitor the different nests in the area.