News 12th April

After the Easter Sunday bad news coming from a nest that we had followed after deposition of the eggs and in which we have a reasonable certainty of the  theft of 1 or 2 chicks by poachers falconers. here  are the updates.

In the surveillance camps where our volunteers control several sites, the chicks are growing and have begun to put the first dark feathers that contrast with white down they had at birth. From other sites monitored as usual contrasting news. Some failures, some doubts of predation by poachers falconers that we’re trying to figure out, and several active sites some with hatching and others still brooding.

Some episodes to reported by our volunteers:

In one of the camps we saw this car in the early morning with two people on board. One of the two left the car to reach the base of the mountain where there is a nest. At the sight of the volunteers who followed them with telescopes the person ran into the car and fled. At dusk another car was seen with a person who had a suspicious attitude and who seemed to spy on us. Our guys are stepping up controls even during the night. We reported to the police the license plates of the suspicious cars. We feel that poachers are actually controlling us.

In the area where there were two of our friends and supporters of the Swiss CABS we saw a man preparing nets to catch goldfinches. We intervened ordering to take all the nets away immediately. We think the guy thought we were Rangers and before going away he even thanked us for not having fined him. In another site people started shooting with a rifle right under the nest, probably for some shooting practice now that hunting season is closed! We called the police, who came immediately. Afterwards we had to go to the police station to make statements. The Swiss friends appreciated our interventions.

In another camp, where the eagles are still brooding, we are monitoring a strange situation with the presence of three eagles, two adults and a sub-adult that was also seen brooding. Among other things in two different days, there was the pleasant visit of a griffon that hovers frequently in the vicinity of the site.

On a peregrine site unfortunately we have the certainty that the chicks have been stolen, and we also have suspicions about the possible poachers.

It is clear there is much to do and we are very busy.

Meanwhile, in our days at the camps the first cuckoos were observed as well as a great spotted cuckoo, the first woodchat shrike, several marsh harriers, black kites and harriers in migration, whose sight gladdens our volunteers and makes their stay at the camps more pleasant.

We take the opportunity to thank the group “Contemporanea Aquila reale e Gipeto” of the Stelvio National Park for their donation and to remind you that our surveillance activities are only possible through the donations of individuals and organizations who support us.

Do not let us miss your support.