news April 27

The days are getting warmer even if the weather is not yet completely settled. A strange spring this year!
The spring migration has started, quails and doves take possession of the farmland and open areas with trees. In the hilly areas of the sunny Mediterranean steppe, the tipical environment of Bonelli’s eagle;  rollers, orioles; bee-eaters have come back filling the sky with their call but only a careful eye can notice them. Whinchats come in waves and a few days ago the  honey buzzards migration became consistent.IMGP3271_ridimensionare

With the arrival of warm weather the eagles reduce their activities, often they remain in the nests to prevent its rays to reach the inside of the nest. The shadow provided by spreading out wide their wings is important for the eaglet’s thermoregulation.

Young eagles grow. The bigger chicks are about 45 days old and their wings are completely covered with dark feathers in contrast with their head which is still covered with the white dawn with just the tips of the feathers coming out. while the smaller chicks covered with fluffy white dawn are not yet thirty days old. In one of the nests monitored daily in the first week of life of the chick the adults brought to the nest three pigeons during one morning. And yet in another site there still is a female brooding, this is unusual at this time of the season but we hope it is because it is a second clutch of eggs that replaced the first. If this were true and the egg will hatch we will have some extra work to do till the end of June before the fledging of the chick.
Talking about poachers and falconers only some skirmishes with people who approached the nests with binoculars and were regularly contacted by our volunteers.