May 4th

In camps 1, 2 and 4 all the chicks are growing fine, unfortunately only one chick per nest. On the  overall the  monitoring for this year confirms that there are only a few nests with two chicks.immagine
From camp 3 , they are still brooding: remember that here in the early days of the camp there had  been the presence of three individuals, two adults and a subadult, and probably something happened that we cannot explain. We hope that eventually there will be the  birth of a chick even if this would mean to continue the camp until late July!
Camp 4 on the 1st of May at midday, while at the observatory post up on the mountain opposite the nest site, we heard very loud music coming from the bottom of the valley just beneath the nest: it was so loud and it sounded so near that we feared that some sort of rave party was starting. We decided to drive down the valley to understand what was happening so as to stop any illegal event, but there was almost complete silence. The sound came from a cluster of houses out of the valley, over two kilometers away from the nest and was reflected by the smooth limestone and devoid of vegetation on the top of mountains so clearly and loudly that it seemed very close. At 6pm, the noise ceased, the eagle returned to the nest and the chick was fed again, after almost five hours from the previous meal. We do not realize with our behavior how much we can disturb wild animals!
No problem in  camp 2 but many people because of the festivities (fishermen, hikers etc …) made them  really lively days. Interesting observation (it is already the second time) a third adult flew for a short while with the pair and then disappeared over the mountain.
Finally, a close encounter at camp 1 of a known poacher /falconer who the week before had been reported at camp 3. The volunteer present reached the poacher and the result of the conversation was positive since it was made clear that we are present though not seen….. so they must beware!