May 11th

The first eaglet is flying! Yesterday afternoon in camp 2 the volunteer  had seen the empty nest and was worried but was immediately heartened: the eaglet was just about ten meters away from the nest; it had taken a first small flight, feeling the emptiness under its claws, it clung to the reassuring rock and awkwardly, using the wings, found its way back to the nest.

 Our task for the safeguard of this nest is over. Poachers will no longer be able to steal the chick, now it can escape in case of danger and fly off! We will move our forces, on other nests to control those that have a lower risk of theft of chicks, while continuing also to check this site. After 60 days of grueling shifts after the hatching we finally have the pleasure of knowing that another eagle will fly in the Sicilian skies. Now it will be a succession of fledglings, other young are almost ready and will soon be flying.

Let’s remember all the moments, starting in  December and January the monitoring of the pairs to know which nest they chose so as to  place camera traps and cameras, from the choice of the nests between different nests available in the site, to the laying of the eggs in February, the difficulties due mainly to bad weather to get to the sites, the cold wind and rain that has been as abundant as ever this year; then  the hatching occurred in March with the little white head of the chick sticking up from the cup of the large nest made of branches , with the first warm days of May, in a riot of colors and fragrances of flowers! This week, to complete the joy of the news even the observation of a vulture, we believe in migration, which was also observed perched on a rock.20150510122617

Meanwhile, Saturday and Sunday at the Camp 1 other hectic days with further visits of the usual poachers/falconers. Unfortunately  at the sight of our volunteers, this time they fled,  but the persistence with which they are hanging out in the sites known to them and repeatedly plundered by them in the years before we started our activities speaks volumes about the frenzy that at this time is making them expose themselves in such manner. We will remain vigilant and extend the camps even after fledging just to discourage any prowler.

We estimate that in the 8-10 days there will be the fledging of at least other two eaglets in Camp 1. Even at Camp 4 the breeding continues, despite the difficult logistical situations for those who must stand for a whole day under the sun with no possibility of some shade; the enthusiasm of the volunteers is really addictive. At Camp 3 adults seem very busy swapping place continuously and with the female who with her open wings made shadow as if to protect from the sun a little chick that we cannot yet see. Here we also found out that the electrical webcam cables were sheared through by unknown persons.