This morning at one ot the surveillance camps the first two eagles of the year were observed! “They look good and are fed by their parents” where the volunteer’s words.

Data coming from the other four camps already under way (this year we started well in advance to cover the incubating period) confirmed the goodness of our choice: in 3 of them the well known poachers showed for their usual check! Surprised to see us already there they asked: << But haven’t you finished the money to finance camps yet? >>

The Eagles meanwhile continue to incubate and certainly this week we should have other births.

 Even Lanner falcons are incubating and sites are controlled and monitored by camera traps, and volunteers’ surveillance is constant. Over the years, control strategies have improved and now allow us a greater presence in the area and so we hope that this will lead to better results than those of previous years.

The collaboration with the LIFE and the confluence of data together with monitoring and control on both the Bonelli’s eagle and Lanner sites, is continuous. Almost all the camera traps donated to the GTR were placed while the last are waiting for the evolution of certain situations. From next week the first volunteers from outside the region will arrive and we are ready to welcome them in the best way.