News May 2017


The Bonelli eagle’s breeding season continues as well as surveillance and monitoring activities in collaboration with LIFE CONRASI. All known sites have been monitored and we are seeing the occupation and the number of reproductive pairs is in line with past year’s data. At the moment we are not aware of any thefts at eagles’ nests (but unfortunately major problems are occurring within the population of Lanner falcon) although in this part of the season the number of natural failures increases.

Above all, there is  the “never ending incubation”, that is, eggs that have not hatched for causes that unfortunately at the moment we are unable to analyze. The breeding pairs are still numerous and we will communicate the final numbers at the end of the season. Even from our camps news are positive and the breeding proceeds.

Volunteers are about to start the third-month of surveillance, but we must point out that help of volunteers coming from northen Italy this year has much increased and this has eased the burden of fatigue and responsibility that our camp leaders live every day.

Good news come by  not only from our island but also from Spain: estrenan-como-padres-adoptivos

Hopefully in the near future we will have eaglets with Sicilian DNA