The last eaglet  finally fledged a few days ago, the season of surveillance and monitoring of the Eagle of Bonelli has ended. Just as in the past years, these last months have been intense and tiring, but in the end we can be quite certain that in the monitored nests there has been no theft of eggs or chicks. However, this can only be done in terms of significant sacrifices in economic expenses and human resources but in the end seeing the the young eagles start their first flight from their nests together with their parents repays us fully.

We have also witnessed natural breeding failure, but unfortunately in nature this happens. Now we keep our attention on the eagles followed by LIFE CONRASI monitored by satellite telemetry to understand their movements in the first period of dependence on their parents waiting for the dispersion phase to take place in autumn.

Thanks to all those who contributed in economic terms and with their presence at the end of this seventh season of surveillance!