Bonelli’s Eagle needs your help!

February, we know, is the month of the eagles and we are ready to start again with the
ninth season of an extraordinary project with the participation of our volunteers, the GTR
(Association for the protection of birds of prey) and all the donors who support us!

With the start of a new biological cycle we must say: ACTION! Therefore we are
setting up the preliminary actions for the summer camps. The work is constantly
increasing in correlation with the increase of Bonelli’s Eagles: we have many here in
Sicily, more than double of the twenty couples that were registered eight years ago.
41 young Bonelli’s were set free last season and, according to data from the satellite
transmitters of Life ConRaSi, the recorded survival rate is very high.

Despite these comforting results, it is still necessary to carry out the surveillance camps
because of the poachers, who have become more clever or resourceful.
The GTR goals for 2019 are:
– recognition of the Bonelli’s couples already known;
– choice of the sites to be monitored with the camps;
– search for new Bonelli’s sites in areas with signs of presence;
GTR’s primary objective is to keep the population of Bonelli’s Eagle under control, trying to
do everything possible for this species which, as we know, needs specific actions for its
If today, the Bonelli’s Eagle has expanded its range and also flies out of the Sicilian skies it
is thanks to the many volunteers who support us and to the associations that have
believed in us, such as EBN, Stiftung Pro Artenvielfalt, Lipu, CABS and last but not least
the synergy established with the Life ConRaSi project.

Despite the efforts of the Sicilian volunteers, the shifts in the camps are tiring and
demanding, so in order to be able to protect this marvelous bird of prey from
poachers we need your help on the field! This is why we invite you to take part in
this important activity which will start in March 2019! For any information and to
participate you can write to . We are
sure that many of you will join so that this beautiful bird of prey will continue to fly
in the Sicilian skies … and not only!

bonelli's eagle

A volunteer in a reproductive site of Bonelli’s Eagle.