The Stiftung Pro Artenvielfalt (SPA) is a German Foundation that is actively engaged in nature conservation through the purchase of land with a high natural value in order to maximize its potential in terms of biodiversity through appropriate actions for limiting factors removal, recovery and requalification, differentiation of habitats and niches, etc ..
Active in Germany for over 10 years, has recently launched a project in Italy, in the area of the Pantani of South Eastern Sicily.
SPA is also committed to financially support a number of anti-poaching initiatives in Europe (Malta, Gozo, Cyprus) and in Italy (northern Italy, Sardinia).
Since 2014 supports the activities of the Gruppo Tutela Rapaci in Sicily and thanks to the contribution of thousands of donors of the German Foundation, it was possible to greatly expand the range actions for protection operations.
EBN Italy is a non-political non-profit association whose aims are the diffusion of observation and identification of birds (birdwatching) and has also the aim to obtain useful knowledge for the safeguard, the development and the protection of nature, of environment and of birdlife. From the birth of the Coordinamento Tutela Rapaci Sicilia, EBN has supported the activities of monitoring and safeguard of Bonelli's Eagle's nests with the project "Occhio alla Bonelli". Each year many members and supporters contribute with their donations to finance these activities.
Lipu-Birdlife Italy is the association for the protection of natural environments and birds. It is present in Italy since 1965 and now has about 100 local sections, several wildlife rehabilitation centers, manages several nature reserves, develops environmental education activities and strong opinion movements. In Sicily Lipu has carried out several conservation projects. In collaboration with Nebrodi and Madonie Parks and the Grefa it reintroduced the griffon vulture extinct in the 1960s because of poisoned bait, in the 2000s in collaboration with the Spanish province of Valencia, with the ISPRA (formerly INFS) and with the Region of Sicily it has reintroduced the the purple swamphen; even this disappeared in the 1960s because of reclamation work and hunting. Since 2011 Lipu is involved in the protection of Bonelli's eagle and starting from 2015 also of the lanner falcon, birds of prey coveted by falconers-poachers who plunder nests causing the impoverishment / disappearance of these species and bringing them at risk of extinction. This would be dramatic, as Sicily hosts the largest populations of Italy for these two species placing it amongst the most important geographical areas in Europe.
The Committee Against Bird Slaughter – CABS (Komitee gegen den Vogelmord e.V.) is an action and operational society. We intervene in particular where bird trappers, hunters or animal traders commit offences against current nature protection legislation in Europe. We organize and execute operations in many European states where migrant birds are illegally persecuted or illegally authorized by local authorities, by the use of traps, nets lime sticks or are shot: Italy, Cyprus, Malta, France, Spain, Germany. We draw the attention of the general public to bird hunting and trapping in Europe through campaigns geared towards the media, events and the distribution of free information and protest material to interested citizens as well as public institutions. CABS sustains the Gruppo Tutela Rapaci in the activities of monitoring and safeguard of the nesting sites, through economic donations and direct participation of volunteers.
The F.I.R. Fonds d'Intervention pour les Rapaces born in France in 1972 by means of the Terrasse brothers Jean-Francois and Michel and whose names are inextricably linked to the first reintroduction project of the griffon vulture made in France in the Massif Central where this vulture was extinguished. The project was so successful that the same protocol was then used as a model for all subsequent reintroduction projects of griffon vultures made in Europe, including, of course the one in Sicily in Alcara li Fusi. Countless are the activities of F.I.R. all aimed at the protection of the most threatened species of birds of prey of France. The Belgian section F.I.R. - Belgique, is the one that has supported us over the years by means of Guy Robbrecht and Manu de Hauwere whom we thank for their valuable advice and encouragement to continue in our activities.
"The Sicilian Wildlife Fund- Onlus (SWF) is an environmental association founded in 1988 to contribute to the safeguard and enhancement of the Sicilian territory; it has been recognized with DA No. 2285/98. It is present in Sicily with sections and active groups and is part of the Comitato Regionale Faunistico-Venatorio. It is member of the FEDERAZIONE NAZIONALE PRO NATURA. It has set up and runs the wildlife rescue center of Belpasso-Valcorrente-CT and the Nature Museum of Santo-Pietro Caltagirone CT. It organizes educational and hiking activities, naturalistic exhibitions, meetings and courses on environmental issues. It conducts research, protection and environmental monitoring; collaborates with universities and other public bodies. It has published multimedia material, guides, atlases and brochures on the nature of Sicily. It has been part of the Coordinamento Tutela Rapaci (now Gruppo Tutela Rapaci ) since its inception therefore supports and actively takes part in the activities of the GTR.
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The Mediterranean Association for Nature (MAN) is an association of environmental protection, founded in 2003 by a group of persons committed since the last 30 years to the protection of the migration of birds of prey over the Strait of Messina. It is active in protection of the environment in Italy, in promotion and environmental education. Manages the Wildlife Recovery Centre of Messina that deals with the care, rehabilitation and subsequent return to nature, of birds, mammals and reptiles.
MAN supports the Gruppo Tutela Rapaci, ex Coordinamento Tutela Rapaci Sicilia, in monitoring, surveillance and protection of the Sicilian birds of prey populations, at risk of extinction.
The Cooperativa Silene made up of six members, founded in 2010 deals with environmental education, scientific research,
protection of biodiversity and hiking. The spirit with which its partners and collaborators have been animated is that to be a reality that could actively effect the environmental awareness of its users, whether they were hiking groups or school children. For this reason Silene has always endorsed the specific problems of Sicilian nature which are often ignored by the population, firmly believing in the possibility to involve the citizens through the direct knowledge and the guided fruition of protected areas of the island. Since the birth of the Coordinamento Tutela Rapaci and the first protection camps, Silene at first promoted and then gave its direct support to organize the monitoring activities and to divulge the results achieved.