Bonelli’s eagle: Extraordinary results in Sicily!

Extraordinary results

 in Sicily, 39 eaglets flew off in 2018, while two others are still in the nest and we hope that they too will soon flyoff. The huge and patient surveillance work against the theft of eggs and chicks and monitoring of the nests carried out by the many volunteers of the Gruppo Tutela Rapaci (supported by the Pro Biodiversity Foundation, Lipu, EBN and CABS), and since 2016 together with the Life ConRASI Project funded by the EU with WWF as project leader, has allowed a result until recently unthinkable.

In 2011 the Bonelli’s eagles pairs were just over 20

 In 2011 the Bonelli’s eagles pairs were just over 20, with the risk of extinction of this species present in Italy only in Sicily, plundered by poachers who stole eggs and chicks from nests to sell them to the rich illegal falconry market., The GTR surveillance camps, that started in 2011 and in which volunteers from all over Italy participated, have allowed to protect the existing pairs which gradually increased in number, reaching now 44 pairs and as many as 26 are reproductive.. The Life project has allowed to place satellite transmitters to no less than 20 young individuals, so that they can be followed a lot of information can be acquired  such as the animal’s habits, its movements and if necessary  help them in case of need just as it happened last year with a young eagle that had  fallen  inside a dry well while chasing a Wood pigeon. Very important is also the knowledge that many of the eaglets, to which the transmitter was affixed,  often had a lethal infection called trichomoniasis that was cured during the operations of marking and affixing the transmitter carried out by technicians of the Spanish Association GREFA. As many as 3 surveillance camps were conducted this year by the GTR to which the one conducted by the Life Conrasi is added as well as the great work done largely by Sicilian volunteers to surveil  and monitor the breeding sites throughout the nesting season.!

GTRS’ thanks goes to Associazione ALTURA that contributed with the donation of  trail cameras.

A special thanks goes to LIPU UK for its fundamental support and to the president Mr. David Lindgard together with Shirley who have visited our camps in the last years encouraging us to continue.